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When applying your brakes, every second and every centimeter counts! Therefore, the SEGAL braking range only consists of OE-matching quality, to ensure flawless brake performance in all driving conditions. The driver’s safety is always our top priority, so SEGAL’s quality department thoroughly tests all brake components for compliance with various requirements and standards. We offer a variety of brake friction products to our customers, from discs and pads to drums and shoes.

Whether a professional mechanic or a wholesaler, you will find everything you need at SEGAL.

Your benifits

Reduced Downtime

Effective brake system reduces equipment repair and maintenance time and lowers total ownership expenses 

Tailored To Your Needs

At SEGAL we offer brake parts that are developed specifically for your car

Extensive Range

We offer an extensive range of premium products for cars

The Best in The Long Run

Our product quality exceeds essential basics! With SEGAL you get maximum service intervals and optimal engine performance with long-life brake parts

OE Matching Quality

Our products in OE quality for engines, combine performance, driving comfort, and longevity.

Safety And Reliability

Enjoy long-term protection of your engine and investment.

Trusted Everywhere

The best technology available in brake parts production and high-level testing that you can trust in all conditions!

We Care

Stringent and regular quality checks to ensure a continued supply of quality components


with segal Brakepad

The noise and vibration of the car engine, which can make the driving experience unpleasant, is usually felt when braking.

Thanks to years of experience, expertise and technology, we have been able to minimize these unpleasant vibrations and noises, providing comfort for the driver and passengers.

The quality of the materials of all components is critical to the safe operation of the braking system, and in order to emphasize the high quality of our product, we offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all of our replacement parts. Rely on premium SEGAL products for silent and effective braking.

How We Ensure Quality

Brake parts must be safe and durable to ensure braking effect under all driving conditions. For this reason, every SEGAL brake product goes through a comprehensive quality process.

Dynamometer testing, including checking braking, noise, and wear performance

Physical and chemical tests for hardness, shear strength, and compressibility

Checked for brake fade, thermal conductivity, and wear behavior

Extensive inspection of incoming goods through random sample testing


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