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Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper



Today, cars are more than just a means of transportation. They have become an integral part of our lives due to the excellent driving experience and comfort they provide. A car is not just power and speed. It’s handling and comfort that matters most. Have you ever wondered how a car provides a comfortable driving experience? The car suspension system is responsible for your comfort inside the car.

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Reduced Downtime

Effective filtration reduces equipment repair and maintenance time and lowers total ownership expenses 

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At SEGAL we offer filters that are developed specifically for your car

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We offer an extensive range of premium products for cars

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Our product quality exceeds essential basics! With SEGAL you get maximum service intervals and optimal engine performance with long-life filtration

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Our products in OE quality for engines, combine performance, driving comfort, and longevity.

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Enjoy long-term protection of your engine and investment.

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The best technology available in filtration production and high-level testing that you can trust in all conditions!

We care

Stringent and regular quality checks to ensure a continued supply of quality components



The primary role of the suspension system in an automobile is to keep the car stable by negating external forces. Here, external forces are nothing but the forces felt by the car’s body due to potholes, bumps, etc., on the road. Also, the suspension keeps the car stable in corners and at high speeds and delivers superior handling. To sum it up, the suspension system protects the car against vibrations and stresses and provides comfort for the passengers.


Quality testing of car suspension components includes a series of different tests to ensure that the components of this important system function properly and have the ability to withstand various driving and environmental conditions. Some of these tests include:

Impact Testing: To evaluate impact resistance and energy absorption in impact conditions.

Tensile Testing: To measure the tensile strength and deformation of materials in suspension parts.

Vibration Testing: To check the performance of suspension parts in the face of vibrations and road vibrations.

Leakage Testing: checking the penetration of water or other substances in the suspension system.

Brake Testing: Examining the performance of brakes and their effect on car suspension.

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