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Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper



The suspension system in your car is the connection of your wheels, springs, shock absorbers, and other car parts which maximize contact between your tires and the road. A control arm, also sometimes referred to as an A-arm, is a fundamental aspect of your suspension system, connecting your car frame to the front wheel hubs. The primary function of the control arm is to guide the car’s wheels up and down on the road and control proper steering.

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The control arm enables the car’s frame and wheels to move simultaneously for proper maneuvering of the vehicle. To properly steer and keep a car on the road, you need a properly maintained control arm. The control arms are also what keep the geometry of your vehicle in proper alignment when you lift your car.


Quality testing of vehicle control arm components is also critical, as these components affect vehicle safety, stability, and performance. Some of the common tests for controlling car arms are:

Tensile Testing: To measure the tensile strength and deformation of control arm materials.

Thermal Deformation Testing: To evaluate the behavior of arms in different temperature conditions.

Shock Testing: To evaluate the performance of the arms and their tolerance against irregular road conditions and vibrations.

Structural Stability Testing: To ensure the strength and balance of the control arm structure.

Taber Abrasion Test: To measure the resistance of materials against erosion and rust.

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