customers’ first choice in quality

It is imperative for SEGAL to be our customers’ first choice in quality, service, and innovation. This is why we always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

As the quality of our purchased components significantly impacts the performance of our SEGAL products, we expect the same approach and enthusiasm from our suppliers. Therefore, suppliers are requested to respect the OE-quality requirements.

How We Ensure Quality

To test the quality of the parts, we install them on all kinds of cars from different countries so that they can travel kilometers in a short period of time and be sure of the quality and longevity of the product. Segal expert technicians use special analysis methods and compare the produced parts with international standards and designs.

Finally, the expert technicians in the production lines also control the final quality of the parts so that they can have the best performance for you.


SEGAL strictly chooses highly qualified manufacturers to produce its products. The manufacturers must have certified standards like ISO/TS/QS and the below conditions.

  • OEM quality
  • International quality certificates
  • Original equipment
  • Technological innovator
  • Quality management system
  • Laboratory and quality test machines


Spare parts are essential for ensuring the continuity of operations in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and construction. They provide a quick and cost-effective solution to equipment breakdowns, minimizing downtime and lost productivity. In some cases, the unavailability of a spare part can lead to a complete shutdown of operations, resulting in significant financial losses. Furthermore, spare parts also play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and reliability of equipment. Regular replacement of worn or damaged parts can prevent potential accidents and prolong the lifespan of the equipment. The spare part should be of high quality, meeting industry standards and specifications. This ensures that it will function properly and have a longer lifespan than a lower-quality alternative.