Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper


Most people are unaware of all the amazing benefits of rubber products. Even the smallest components can make a big difference in equipment longevity, mobility, comfort, and safety. Rubber parts are generally low-cost components in terms of material cost and manufacturing ease. Timely replacement of a small rubber connection can prevent your car from breaking down. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a wholesaler, you will find everything you need at SEGAL.

Your benifits

Reduced Downtime

Effective filtration reduces equipment repair and maintenance time and lowers total ownership expenses 

Tailored to your needs

At SEGAL we offer filters that are developed specifically for your car

Extensive Range

We offer an extensive range of premium products for cars

The best in long range

Our product quality exceeds essential basics! With SEGAL you get maximum service intervals and optimal engine performance with long-life filtration

OE Matching Quality

Our products in OE quality for engines, combine performance, driving comfort, and longevity.

safety and reliability

Enjoy long-term protection of your engine and investment.

Trusted Everywhere

The best technology available in filtration production and high-level testing that you can trust in all conditions!

We care

Stringent and regular quality checks to ensure a continued supply of quality components


The automotive industry relies on an expansive range of parts and components to build the critical systems and support infrastructure that come together to make a completed automobile. These integrated systems must reliably withstand the effects of motion and vibration from driving surfaces, the engine, and other factors. At Segal, we provide the highest quality parts according to your needs!


Automotive rubber parts must be tear-resistant, non-flammable, flexible, durable, and able to stand up to high speeds, extreme temperatures, and intense pressure. Some of these tests include:

Compression Testing: This test checks the compression of plastic materials. The density of the material is related to the amount of mass to the volume of the sample.

Heat Resistance Test: This test checks that plastic parts can withstand high temperatures.

UV Resistance Test: checks that plastic parts are resistant to the long-term effects of direct UV sunlight.

Corrosion test: to check the resistance of plastic materials against corrosion and the effects of certain environments.

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