Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper

Oil filter paper



Wiper blades are an essential part of your car, especially in bad weather conditions. Good windscreen wipers ensure that you have a good view of the road during rain, hail, or snow. Do you notice that your windscreen wipers show signs of wear because they squeak or leave smears? Then we would recommend you not to keep on driving with worn wiper blades but replace them as soon as possible. SEGAL offers a wide range of new window wipers.

Your benifits

Reduced Downtime

Effective filtration reduces equipment repair and maintenance time and lowers total ownership expenses 

Tailored to your needs

At SEGAL we offer filters that are developed specifically for your car

Extensive Range

We offer an extensive range of premium products for cars

The best in long range

Our product quality exceeds essential basics! With SEGAL you get maximum service intervals and optimal engine performance with long-life filtration

OE Matching Quality

Our products in OE quality for engines, combine performance, driving comfort, and longevity.

safety and reliability

Enjoy long-term protection of your engine and investment.

Trusted Everywhere

The best technology available in filtration production and high-level testing that you can trust in all conditions!

We care

Stringent and regular quality checks to ensure a continued supply of quality components



Every car has wiper blades, and with time these windscreen wipers may start to wear. This may result in smears across your windscreen or make a squeaky sound when used. In addition, worn window wipers will not properly wipe the water from your window and thus reducing your view. We recommend you not to wait too long to replace the wiper blades when they are worn.



Testing the quality of car wipers is very important because these devices must work effectively in harsh weather conditions, especially in winter and in the face of snow and ice. Some common tests to test the quality of car wipers are:

Performance testing in cold conditions: checking the performance of the snow blower at low temperatures

Blade Rotation Testing: To ensure the correct operation of the rotation of the wiper blades.

Corrosion Resistance Tests: Evaluation of snowplow resistance to corrosion and the effects of chemicals in snow.

Compatibility tests with cars: checking the compatibility of the wiper with different types of cars, including the proper dimensions and installation method.

Testing the speed and power of clearing: measuring the speed and efficiency in clearing snow.

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